Even Google is advertising on Facebook ads

4 01 2011

If you weren’t convinced about fb ads – even google using facebook ads to advertise google chrome.


google chrome ads on facebook

Smear Ads Comes To Facebook with anti Barton Ads

17 06 2010

Well this was bound to happen, The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (aka DCCC) has been buying paid ads on the facebook ads platform trying to use the comments of Joe Barton.

It seems that Barton called the twenty billion escrow for Gulf Coast recovery “a shakedown”.

The DCCC is not admitting to the facebook ad buy at this point – but we heard that the ads are projected to get over twnety million impressions today. The DCCC also set up a website to try and raise additional funds. http://www.dccc.org/page/s/barton

“The DCCC will hold these out-of-touch House Republicans accountable who have no shame when it comes to jumping to the defense of BP and Big Oil,” said Ryan Rudominer, spokesman for the committee.
The DCCC also says it is also “sending out targeted press releases to House Republicans and Republican candidates on the topic.”

I guess this is good for facebook ads, as we all know political advertiers love smear ads….

Have you seen smear ads on facebook? Send us screenshots.

Facebook Ads Just Became The Biggest Lead Generation Network.

1 09 2009
Facebook Lead Generation Ad Unit

Facebook Lead Generation Ad Unit

Inside Facebook is reporting on a new Facebook Ads ad unit. The new facebook ad unit is an extension of the homepage engagement ads it has been running for large brands. The homepage engagement ads it has been running was the following 6 ad units; Facebook Event Ad, Facebook Video Ad, Facebook Gifts Ad, Facebook Page Ad, Facebook Website Ad, Facebook House Ad (as explained here).

Now there is a big difference between the new Facebook Direct Response Home Page Ad Unit & the homepage engagement ads mentioned above.  In all the older engagement ads – the user was taken off the facebook homepage and directed to an inside page on facebook.com or to an external website.  The new Facebook Lead Generation Ad Unit has the facebook user complete the facebook advertisers lead generation form on the Facebook.com homepage. This means facebook collects the form contents and passes them over to the advertiser.  I’m guessing that this is charged on a CPL (cost-per-lead) – so advertisers will know exactly how much they will pay for each completed direct response form.

This new ad unit is being tested by Chick-fill-A for free samples of their chicken biscuits. When the unit is clicked it launches a popup with the form & gives users the option to quickly fill the form from their profile info (side note, it is only a matter of time until this is the default option – where the form pops up & the info is filled, im sure there will be an option to change / remove the profile info – but it will be more opt-out. This type of behavior pumps the click to form-submit conversion rate – as the user doesn’t really have to do much).

This move & the pending full roll out of this ad unit will no doubt make Facebook Ads the largest Lead Generation Ad Network on the web. While the test is perfect for a foodservice company (like the free chicken biscuit sample from Chick-fill-A), don’t be fooled to think this wont make its way to the more profitable side of the lead generation business. Think credit cards, mortgages, local service professional and much much more.  Oh and just wait for the Facebook Ad Network & the Facebook Affiliate Program that was confirmed by its CEO – then you will be able to post these lead-gen offers on your site via facebook connect and share in the revenue that Facebook collects from the advertiser.

So, what do you think? Did Facebook just become the largest lead generation network on the internet?


New Facebook Ads Manager, Bulk Uploader and more.

31 08 2009

So the Facebook Ads Team has been on a roll lately. Here are some of the more important changes and updates being rolled out to facebook advertisers.

New Ad Manager – It is being reported  (via InsideFacebook) that facebook is about to start testing a new facebook ads manager. This is huge, for anyone doing high-volume advertising on facebook you know how big of a PIA the current ad manager is.  The new ad manager will make it easier to add, edit, & manage facebook ad creatives.  The new manager will have a slicker UX with in-line editing & search – which will no doubt make all facebook marketers live much easier.

Facebook Ads Bulk Uploader. Besides for the new manager, facebook ads will also soon be beta testing a new Bulk Uploader for facebook advertisers to use to submit facebook ads

New Facebook Ad Targeting

New Facebook Ad Targeting

in bulk. Many many facebook advertisers have been begging for this for a long time – the current process for submitting ads is tedious and takes forever. The only issue i see with facebook opening up the bulk uploader to all facebook advertisers – is that the ad review & approval process already takes forever for some advertisers / ads — what happens when the number of creatives submitted multiple at a crazy number. Currently, it takes time to post an ad – so you make sure it is a good one, but once advertisers can post an excel sheet with 1000 ads – things might get out of hand. Obviously, facebook can just throw people at the problem – which they will probably do (but why haven’t they done this until now???).

In older news, (which i always cover over on twitter @facebookads ) Facebook ads announced more targeting filters for advertisers to use in the facebook ad system. the three new targeting filters are:

Facebook Ads Connection  Targeting.  This is a great targeting feature for page admins, group officers, event admins & application developers. Connections targeting gives you the option to target fans, or members of your Group, or users who have RSVP to your Event and/or users who have authorized your Application. This was a long requested targeting option and welcomed by many facebook marketers.

Facebook Ads Multiple Country Targeting. Everyone knows that Facebook has a global audience – but previously, the only way to target multiple countries with the same ad was to create the same ad for each country you wanted to target. That is no longer the case and facebook advertisers how have the option to choose up to 25 countries to target one facebook ad to.

Facebook Birthday Targeting. Nice little targeting feature that im sure has facebook affiliate marketers jumping for joy. Facebook advertisers now have the option to target ads to users (in their target audience) on their birthday. Seems like a great way to get a nice high CTR% – offering a birthday specific promotion.

All in all Facebook is very clear that the Facebook Ads Program is very important & is giving it the attention it deserves. Now if only facebook would announce the Facebook Ads API….

What are your favorite new facebook ads features & targeting options??


Facebook Advertisers More Than Triple

23 06 2009

Facebook said the number of advertisers using the facebook ad self-serve advertising platform has more than tripled in the last year. This is no surprise, but its nice to put a number on the growth – this way we can watch the pace it continues to grow at.  The way i see it, its still real early on – and you have allot of small and mid-size business starting to use facebook ads .

What i find interesting is how long it will take the large business (and their agencies) to get in the game. This is the exact thing that happened with google’s adwords ad product – early on it was affiliate marketers and small business. But over time the big brands understood they had to be at the top of the results for their key terms – and now pay through the roof to stay there.

How long do you think it will take for facebook ads to become a must online ad buy like adwords? What do u think???

Last thought… if facebook really wanted to grow the ad platform they would release facebook ad api ASAP!


Facebook Search & Facebook Search Ads that are coming….

26 05 2009

Facebook search will one day be very important to the facebook ads program. The funny part is you almost never hear anything about facebook search in general and especially when it comes to the ad platform.

If i had to guess they got a team of people over at the new facebook headquarters, working like crazy on search. Ever since their latest redesign that was designed to push users to share more and more with the front and center “whats on your mind” box with quick links to add; links, photos, video. With all that data from the crazy amount of users on facebook, we should be able to be doing very advanced searches – something like what friendfeed already has.

If i had to guess, they are waiting for more people to start sharing more publicly (meaning not just to friends, but more like twitter – which is by default set to share with everyone). Once they start getting all that data & organized – they will have a very very powerful Facebook Search product.

Now Facebook Search will be very powerful tool for the end user but maybe even more powerful for the Facebook Ads Program. Imagine if facebook could start generating tons of searches on facebook.com – forgetting about click-data, but they will have all the current demographic data they already have + search engine data and how it is being used by what users.

Try this senerio on for size;

Ad Buyer: Can you pls show my ad to people in NY, who are male, between 18-35, make 100k plus and search for “XYZ”.

Google adwords rep: hmmmm, how about just everyone in ny???

facebook search ads reg: sure, just use the self-serve facebook ad program.

Now this is the just the tip of the iceberg, how about if i can i tell the facebook search ads program that i only want my add to show up when a user searches for & that user already “visited” and “liked” one of my competitors sites (which would be able to easily by supplying a list of links i want to target). What do you think the cpm or cpc is worth on something that targeted??? …. let me tell you, crazy high!

But like i said it is very surprising you hear noting about facebook search in the news/blogs. Especially when search is suppose to be twitter’s golden egg.

What do you think about Facebook Search? Where do you see it going? What implications will it have on the facebook ads program?

let me know in the comments

CEO Confrims Facebook Ad Network.

20 05 2009

I  have been saying it over and over again on this blog, but now you get it straight from the horses’ mouth.  SAI has some nice “nuggets” from Zukerberg’s talk at  Reuters Global Tech Summit.

On the future of the facebook ad network, Mark Zuckerberg is quoted saying:

“You can see over time us wanting to offer more ways for people to monetize their site and help out with that, and it could be a pretty natural extension for us to do something with ads or a number of other things that we’ve considered”

You can call facebook  allot of different things today, but one day soon they will be referred exclusively as an “advertising business” (just like google :)



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