Facebook Ads Minimum CPCs

12 02 2009

So a few days i ago i searched through the FB ads help center for any clues how they use CPCs (what is the minimum cpc? is the cpc only dependant on the max cpc & ad CTR (click-through-rate) – or is there a host of other stuff? is there a max cpc? can i enter a $100 cpc? etc etc etc)

Anyhow, i will document my findings in more detailed fashion with separate posts – but something just popped up in my facebook ads account that made me think of this specific item:

Facebook Min CPC

What was it? This:


Facebook Ad CPC Too Low

Facebook Ad CPC Too Low

So i see this message : 

Your bid on this ad may be too low. In order to get more impressions, we recommend that you increase your bid to at least $0.18. For more information about how bids work, please see our help page. Note that your ad is not paused and it is possible that you will continue to receive some impressions.

Now im thinking what, am i losing my mind? i know i read the minimum cpc is $0.01 – and i tried to set my ad to a 0.15 bid — but Facebook Ads is telling me no the minimum cpc for this ad is  $0.18. Now im guessing this has to do more with the history of the ad than any “system wide min cpcs”. But just as google loves to tell you the min cpc is 0.01, but you find me some terms that i can get an impression when my max cpc is at $0.01 (forget about a click…). Now i am almost sure that if i delete the ad (instead of lowering the cpc) and re-add it exactly the same – with a CPC of 0.15 it would have gone through and got impressions/clicks.

btw, since i was only lowering my bid to $0.15 & they only suggested a bid of $0.18  “in order to get more impressions” & bec the ad was making money even at the old higher CPC i raised the CPC back up to $0.18. Although, i will be testing this in detail with other ads at which time i wont comply with their “suggestion” and see what happens. Ill report my findings here. 

This will be an interesting trend to track, if anyone gets this message when lowering a CPC or (gasp.) when starting a new ad – pls let me know in the comments.



14 responses

12 02 2009

Ya, I’ve tried lower than 0.18 and got the same message with 0 impressions, instead when I raised it to 0.20 got 53,958 Impressions and 16 clicks!

13 02 2009

really? i thought the $0.18 min cpc was an ad/ctr determined min, now u got me thinking that the real minimum CPC on facebook is “0.18”… will look into this in more detail and get back you.

14 02 2009
Justin Dupre

The lowest CPC you could dream to get is $0.01. They were just suggesting you to raise the bid to make more monies for them. You don’t have to, though, and you should still get impressions… I do even when it tells me minimum bid is too low.

17 02 2009

and what is the lowest CPC you got clicks for? $0.01???

12 04 2009
Michelle Porter

I’ve spent a few weeks trying to figure all this out, and have received similar messages to yours in my experimentation. I thought I was technologically inept, so thanks for letting me know I’m normal, and there are discrepencies on the site!

Practically speaking, I finally have an ad running for .05 cpc. I wonder if I increase it, will it increase my impressions? (Currently I am getting about 400 impressions per day.)

17 05 2009

I posted a FB ad targeting all UK users, aged 23-45, both males and females. When I started out with 20 cents per click, I had like 10,000+ impressions in less than half an hour and 2 clicks. So I lowered to 10 cents per click, and my impressions growth slowed, only about 1,000 impressions in the next half hour.

Now trying 5 cents a click… didn’t get the message from FB that my bid was too low, so maybe that’s an indication?

18 05 2009

thats great, but remember – fb usually makes sure your new ads get enough impressions so that their internal metrics, analytics & algorithms get enough data to “score” your ad.

I have seen nice traffic from a specific ad/target for a few days and without changing anything (and with the CTR% stay the same day over day) the traffic jumps ship.

pls let us know how it turns out and if you are able to get any traffic below the $0.05 line…

18 06 2009
James Reinhardt

It looks to me like FB has a target CPM that they want to attain, even if you are paying CPC.
I ran a campaign that FB wanted .37 per click and after one day they decided they wanted $1.70 per click for it.
My guess is that the clickthrough was so low on my ad that they were getting below their target CPM, and therefore jacked the cost.

I’m trying to figure it all out myself.

18 06 2009
Facebook Ads

Thanks for the comment James. and you are dead on. They need to get the ad into the system to run its magic (read: blackbox) ad scoring algorithm – and then changes your min cpc.

its funny that digg is getting all this press (http://bit.ly/Sr94t) about better advertisments paying less – but google has been doing that forever (substituting CTR% for diggs) & facebook is clearly doing the same with all the “min cpc” changes they make to almost all ad campaigns after they get some traffic.


28 07 2009

I d love your help on this one,
i need a company the sells banner ads on facebooks, the sky scrappers on the right

31 08 2009
Facebook Ads

Hi, in order to get skyscraper banner ads on facebook.com – you need to be adverting with Microsoft ad center. As part of an ad-partnership microsoft provides banner ads (and text ads i believe) along side facebook’s own text/photo ads. So for now you must go through mircosoft – but its only a matter of time until they allow you to buy traditional banner ads (ie skyscrapers) via the facebook ads self-serve program.

29 07 2009

Having similar issues trying to lower my CPC to make running an ad campaign worthwhile, it seems the more targetted my ads the higher the minimum CPC rate.

31 08 2009
Facebook Ads

Hi Paul, thanks for stopping by. Yes, your assumption is correct – the more targeted your ad the higher the min CPC. The trick is to find the perfect balance between targeting & CPC.


13 11 2009

it all depends on the keywords you are targetting in your ad and the type of the products you sell… the CPC may vary between diffirent products… also you need to keep in mind who you are targetting? geotargetting, age, sex, etc… i think this is how they calculate the min. CPC

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